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HPV Vaccine Toolkit Available for Dental Offices
Children that are 11-12 years old see their primary care providers less frequently than their dental health provider,
and it’s important that dental professionals feel comfortable:
- asking patients and parents about whether they have completed the HPV vaccine series
- recommending they receive the HPV vaccine
- referring them to their primary care providers to answer any questions and to get the vaccine

An HPV toolkit has been developed for dental professionals that includes:
- Sample questions to incorporate into your patient health history form
- Script/talking points to help you recommend the HPV vaccine to parents and patients
- Referral slips to help you refer patients to their primary care providers for the HPV vaccine
- Brochures for parents and patients wanting additional information
- Poster to display in your waiting room, exam rooms, or restrooms about the connection between HPV and cancer
- Sample educational messaging to incorporate into your practice’s website and social media platforms

If you are interested in these materials, please complete this brief order form and questionnaire.
If you have any questions, please call 603-653-9960.



Talking to Parents
about HPV Vaccine

(for providers)

Talking to Parents About HPV Vaccine (PDF)


What Can We Do?
What Health Departments, Cancer Centers,
Cancer Programs, and other organizations can
do to increase HPV vaccinations in our state

HPV: What Can We Do (PDF)

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