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Asthma Control Program


Asthma Control Program

The NH Asthma Control Program is dedicated to reducing the burden of asthma in New Hampshire. Through data surveillance, public health interventions, and partnerships with stakeholders, the program supports the Division of Public Health Services’ broader mission to promote optimal health and well-being for all people in the state. The main purpose of our program is to support the work of partners throughout the state who are working to reduce the burden of asthma.

Steps to Manage Asthma

small boy holding a dandelionThere are many things you can do to help control asthma symptoms and lead a healthy, full life. To start, follow the following five steps for living well with asthma:

  1. Complete and follow an Asthma Action Plan.
  2. Know your Medications.
  3. Know what triggers make your asthma worse and try to avoid them.
  4. Avoid all tobacco smoke.
  5. Get a flu shot.

You may also wish to explore resources and gather information to support asthma management.


Asthma Control Services

Contact the Asthma Control Program to join the NH Asthma Collaborative, schedule a presentation for your organization or learn more about our initiatives. To contact the Asthma Control Program about our services, email Keri Brand, Health Promotion Advisor Keri.Brand@dhhs.nh.gov


Asthma Collaborative

The NH Asthma Collaborative is a group of stakeholders from multiple sectors committed to understanding and alleviating the burden of asthma in New Hampshire communities. Within the collaborative several work groups meet to plan and implement initiatives targeting the many facets of asthma the state, such as workforce development, clinical quality improvement, healthy homes, and healthy schools. Membership is free and all are welcome to join. The Collaborative meets three times per year for educational presentations, networking and discussion.

Home Visits

Home visits for asthma allow patients to receive one-on-one education about medication use and management of asthma triggers in the home. Trained home visitors can meet in person or virtually with clients to teach best practices for controlling asthma symptoms. The NH Asthma Control Program is working to expand the availability of this service throughout New Hampshire.



Open Airways

The NH Asthma Control Program has partnered with the American Lung Association to offer free asthma self-management education programs for children in NH. To bring this program to your organization or to learn how to refer a child, please contact the NH Asthma Control Program.

Learn more about Open Airways.

Educational Presentations for Organizations and Schools

The NH Asthma Control Program offers a wide variety of free trainings and presentations on asthma and asthma management for caregivers and professionals. Please contact the NH Asthma Control Program to learn more about opportunities for your organization.





Asthma Control Resources