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Interactive Map of Access to Community-based Oral Health Programs

This map includes names, locations, and basic program information regarding the 35 community entities identified as providing community-based, non-traditional oral health programs in the initial Oral Health Baseline Survey.


New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services Oral Health Program

New Hampshire Oral Health Data 2015

This report describes the oral health burden as well as the risk and protective factors that impact oral health status. It also lays out the oral health status and disparities that exist in NH.

New Hampshire continues to show progress when it comes to the oral health of our residents. Overall, the State has achieved or surpassed many of the targets set by Healthy People 2020 oral health objectives; and since the last report in 2010, the State shows improvement in several of the included measures, in particular those measures related to the oral health of children.

There have been many achievements in recent years, but there are still areas in which the state can improve. The New Hampshire Oral Health Data 2015 report includes some key examples on how New Hampshire can continue to make progress.

NH Oral Health Baseline Survey Report (2017)

The Baseline Survey was designed to gather the information to (1) create an inventory of community-based oral health programs, and (2) to determine the types of programs available including identifying who they served, how they staffed and financed their programs, and plans for the future. This data is being used to inform current and future oral health policy and program planning.